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Metallic Yarn, Wire, Bast and Nonwoven


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Corneta Metallic yarn

For fashionable applications in all areas of textile apparel and home textiles such as women's apparel, table wear decorative fabrics and trims. Also used in the manufacture of fancy yarn and tapes.

- Flat yarn, not reinforced  (M // M-A-M // N // M FR // M matt)

- Reinforced yarn (MX // MXS // M-A-MX // NX // MX matt // MX FR)

- Fine, soft yarn (MX-BE // NX-BE // NRX-BE)

- Round yarn (LR // SR // TM)

Bouclé yarn (MH // MHX)

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Fuesers fine wires for textile applications

Fuesers stainless steel wire was especially designed to meet the requirements of the textile industry. They create a noble metallic shine to ply yarn, woven and knitted fabrics.

- stainless steel wire

- copper wire

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Fuesers Straw Yarn

Extraordinary effects and textures can be achieved by using straw yarn in all types of home fashion and furniture fabrics. This material is also used in many applications in the area of women's apparel. Likewise, it is used in the manufacture of bags, hats, belts, and shoes.

- Viscose Straw Yarn

- Polyamide sTRAW YARN

- Polyester STRAW YARN


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Fuesers-Non-woven tape yarn

Nonwoven tape yarn is very light and soft and provides extremely good surface coverage. This yarn is generally used to achieve special effects and structures in the area of women's apparel and decorative fabrics.

- Polyamide Non-woven tape yarn

- Polyester Non-Woven Tape Yarn

- Polyester FR non-woven tape yarn

Fuesers speciality Yarn

Finds a wide range of applications from the high-quality fashionable upper up to decoration and furniture.

- paper

- abaca

- Anti Conterfeit Yarn

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