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Fuesers SPEZIALity yarn


Spezialgarne Papier

Areas of Application:

weaving, knitting, twisting, production of effect yarn

Fuesers supplies paper based products to the textile industry as round yarn and flat paper tape. Depending on the product it is used in high-quality fashionable clothing, upholstery and furnishing fabrics. The material has a very noticeable dry handle and currently is the most sought after new product in the market place.On the one hand this is due to the noble optics which results from the shiny/matt surface and its handle. On the other hand paper is a renewable resources, is biologically degradable and some of the products can be supplied with Oekotex certificate.The yarn has a similar breaking strength as cotton yarn in the same strength in dry and wet condition. Products made from paper yarn can be washed and are ladled with �100% PI�.


Paper round yarn and paper flat yarn:

Paper yarn has a round cross section and is available in different strengths/yields. The yarn is manufactured from twisted paper strips. Paper flat tape is either cut from a fleece-like thin paper material sheet or folded from a stronger paper. The thin flat tape is very soft with high yields and the folded flat paper tape is rigid like a paper cord. The latter one is mostly used for braided paper i.e. in bags, shoes, interior design.


100% Paper (PI)


Depending on thread size the material can be used in warp and weft. The fine counts of the paper yarn and tape can be drawn off over head in knitting and weaving is possible.


The thin paper yarn and tape have good colour absorption from direct and reactive dyestuff. When it comes to the thicker versions of the yarn hank or piece dying is preferable. The thick folded paper tape is delivered in colour according to customer specifications.

Care label:

Paper yarn and thin paper tape are washable at 30 or 60°C and some can also be dry cleaned. Data sheets with recommendations regarding the treatment of the products can be provided.

yarn ABACA

Areas of Application


A natural yarn with a sturdy look which fully complies with the general trend towards ecological products and the sustainable use of natural resources. Due to its texture and its natural shade, extraordinary effects can be achieved by using this yarn in the areas of home fashion and furniture fabrics as well as wall coverings. This yarn is also used in the manufacture of bags, hats and shoes.



3-ply yarn made from the reed fibers of the abaca plant (Manila hemp), which is also known as dwarf or fiber banana (bot. Musa textilis). The raw fiber is brown.


100% Abaca (Manila hemp)dry hand
  • high strength
  • good water and weather resistance
  • a natural yarn manufactured from the long reed fibers of the fiber banana.


Abaca yarn can be dyed using reactive or direct dyes.

Care Label:

Products made of Manila hemp are washable and can also be dry cleaned the same as other cellulose fibers such as linen.

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Anti-Counterfeit yarn

Areas of Application:

Wide and narrow weaving, in particular label weaving

Protection against brand piracy by means of a safety thread in woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, seams or labels. This thread can serve as evidence in the case of copyright infringement or as a deterrent against brand piracy. Safety threads are generally composed of several security components in order to make reproduction impossible. We would be happy to personally inform you, in confidence, about details. Similar applications can be found in paper money, in which a safety thread has been incorporated into the banknotes.


Material Properties:

A narrow tape which has been imprinted with a trademark and/or text and which, as a result of its cut width, the printing method used and confidential hidden security components, is protected against reproduction by unauthorized persons.

Material Composition:

100% Polyester

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