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NONWOVEN tape yarn

Areas of Application:

Twisting, weaving and knitting

Nonwoven tape yarn is very light and soft and provides extremely good surface coverage. This yarn is generally used to achieve special effects and structures in the area of women's apparel and decorative fabrics. In particular this yarn is used as a component for fancy yarn (chenille) and sometimes in the manufacture of shoes and accessories such as bags, hats and belts. Fuesers offers not only polyamide but also a UV-resistant nonwoven polyester tape yarn, which is well suited for use in curtains and drapes. In addition, a flame retardant polyester FR tape is available for use in the interior design area.


Construction Sketch:

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Material Composition:

100% Polyamide or 

100% Polyester, also available in FR-finish

Light, soft fibrous web tape yarn without knots. The loose ends are joined using smelting adhesive.


Nonwoven tape yarn absorbs dyestuff very easily.

Care Label:

Products made of nonwoven can be dry cleaned with Tetrachloroethylene.